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1. The quickest diagnosis system worldwide (10 minutes).
§ The test takes only 10 minutes for users to complete 120 clearly stated questions, with the outcome received right afterwards over the network.

2. Multi-purpose evaluation tool for EQ, leadership ability, stability and so forth.
§ The test results include 12 main career personalities, such as EQ and action ability, as well as five types of work capacity and six core career abilities and leadership potential.

3. A tool for identifying crucial core competencies all at once.
§ The report shows evaluation results for six core competencies, with five levels of A, B, C, D, E that objectively reflect the users’ characteristics.

4. A test product with international brand guarantee and specialized R&D.
§ This test is a professional evaluation tool developed and completed after great effort by Japanese organizational psychology master Dr. Ito and the Converse Management Integration Institute.

5. Has passed the international reliability and validity evaluation.
§ This examination tool went trough a long period of development and follow-up and has achieved results of 0.92 in reliability and 0.87 in validity, which makes the test results extremely trustworthy.

6. A precise index tool for career training strategy planning.
§ Through integrated test report results, personality characteristic tendencies, work abilities, crucial core competency levels and a leadership potential index, results for individuals and corporations can be easily understood and used as an important reference for the direction of corporate and individual career training in order to enhance training achievements.

7. A tool for supporting organization development and business investment strategies.
§ The career evaluation system is not just an evaluation system; it also considers long-term application benefits for corporations, and includes five main applications based on corporate demands: providing recruitment strategies, corporate talent inventory appraisal, organizational development strategies, corporate investment strategies and development training strategies, and providing more specialized consulting services!!

8. The only diagnostic tool that can be employed for individual career consultation and staff consultation.
§ The mission of the Career Center is to help corporate staff and individuals develop their businesses or careers smoothly. Career consultants fully utilize the accurate information that the test provides for individual or corporate staff to offer in-depth career consultation and guidance. The benefits of the test are broadly proven by individual service cases.

9. The only national product that provides comprehensive product training and consultation services.
§ Career conducts product training courses every month so that managers at corporate clients can utilize test benefits quickly.

10. The report analysis is clear and easy to understand for everyone.
§ The test reports are designed especially for individuals and corporate managers, and are easy for everybody to read and understand.
§ Meanwhile, the test provides a more specialized analysis report for corporations, which are the best tool for human resources.

11. The product is accessible on the Internet, effective, multi-functional and comes at a reasonable price.
§ Service is completely Web-based and members can utilize the service any time and any where they want.