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Right thing, wrong person, simply a disaster!

Dana G. Mead, chairman and CEO of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, emphasized in a speech in Taiwan called "Challenges for Leaders" that "if you find the right person, things will be all right!" He also indicated that "The right job for the wrong person is simply a disaster! The right job for the right person is a home run!"

The best corporate human resources management evaluation system


In human resources management, the "Career Personality Aptitude System" is an extremely fast, objective and effective tool. Specifically, this test has various usage benefits as shown below :

  1. Talent recruiting and selection: Finding the right talent.
  2. Hiring standards: Establishing hiring standards and norms.
  3. Manpower inventory: Identifying the management talent in the company with the most potential.
  4. Training plan: Arranging career training programs effectively.
  5. Organization diagnosis and development: An important tool to facilitate human resources utilization.
  6. Staff relations: Career consultation and counseling for staff.
  7. Training inspection: Inspecting career training results.
  8. Position reassignment: References for internal position transfers.