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Corporate Quotation and Member Rights

A. Become an annual member
1.    Membership Fee: NT$30,000.
2.    Annual Fee (starting from the second year): NT$15,000.
3.    Test Access Fee: With membership, the first 50 tests are free. After the first 50 tests, the tests are charged at preferential prices, with payment due by the end of the month.
4.     After clients complete their membership registration, 150 tests will be made available in advance to customers. Corporate members can pay on a monthly basis as a preferential benefit.
5.    Taxes are not included in the above prices.
B. Purchase the tests wholesale
1.    NT$600 per test. Purchases of 30 or more per time allow preferential wholesale prices.
2.    Test fees must be paid in advance. The Career Test Center will provide credits for testing. Once the limit has been reached, customers will have to pay again to continue use.
3.    Taxes are not included in the above price.  
C. Rights of corporate members
1.    Career provides on-line testing and real-time reply services. Corporate members can access the website for testing at any time or calculate scores themselves.
2.    Corporate members can use the on-line services to download staff test results in order to combine them with human resources databases.
3.    Corporate exclusive norm analysis is provided for members to updater sample quantities anytime.
4.    Corporate members not using the Internet can use written tests and fax the answers to Career specialists for test analysis. Results will be faxed back to corporate members immediately (working hours only).
D. Test user obligations
1.    Annual members must pay the annual fee at once after signing a contract. Test processing charges are paid on a monthly basis. If members fail to pay for two months in a row, their membership and rights of use will be suspended.
2.    Non-annual corporate members must pay usage charges for tests in advance.
3.    Test questions, the instruction handbook and corporate passwords are classified. In order to protect authorship rights and corporate membership rights and interests, corporate members are subject to non-disclosure obligations for all information.