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Research and Development

This evaluation tool was developed by Japanese psychometric master Dr. Tomohachiro Ito through years of research and is employed for personality assessment. This test is applicable for both genders and various occupations, and without limits, which is the main feature and the biggest advantage of this test. In Japan, the "Career Personality Aptitude System" (CPAS) has been widely adopted by individuals and corporations and has produced extremely good effects. Therefore, this test has become the best tool for "individuals looking for jobs" and "corporations seeking talent".

CPAS is basically a kind of personality characteristic test, which is mainly used for measuring the "aptitude" of individuals for occupations. The reliability and validity are both extremely high for the test, with 0.92 for reliability and 0.87 for validity; the accuracy of diagnosis results also reaches as high as 95%. Therefore, individuals or corporations can both seek or allocate appropriate work based on the test results.

Introduction and Localization

Based on the efforts of Wong Jing-yu, the Chairlady of Career Consulting Co. Ltd., Career has officially become the Global Chinese Version Agent of CPAS and has introduced this test to Taiwan so that people in Taiwan can also enjoy the penetrating research results of Dr. Ito’s system. To ensure that the test applies to people in Taiwan, Career invited 70 corporations in 28 industries and of various corporate scales to localize the test jointly. The companies included Cathay United Bank, Cathay Life Insurance, Japan Airlines, Far Eastern Department Store, NanYang Industries, YuLon Automobiles, Toshiba Taiwan, Ai Jyu Technology, Panasonic Taiwan, Uni-President, Formosa Taffeta, Taiwan Cement, Vidar-SMSCO, and so on. After careful revision, the localization of the test questions has finally been completed after a year and a half. It is proved that CPAS is totally suitable for all industries and occupations, including those of different corporate scales.

Under the active and diligent promotion by Career over these years, more than 500 well-known Taiwanese corporations have adopted the test as an assistant tool for "seeking talent."

Internet Real-Time Services

As the Internet became popular, in order to meet consumers’ expectations of speed, Career completed the development and transformation of CPAS network services in 1999. In the specialized domain of human resources management, we sincerely invite you to take the quickest, most objective and effective CPAS, the best tool for "individuals looking for jobs" and "corporations seeking talent."