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Aptitude = personality x ability

Japanese psychology master Dr. Tomohachiro Ito developed the formula stating that "Aptitude = personality x ability." In other words, when one ponders and chooses the "right position for the right ability," the right place for one's "personality" is more important than the right place for one's "ability". Dr. Ito's point of view is not only the attitude that corporate HR personnel should have, but also represents an understanding that every job seeker should have.
Test-takers need only 10 minutes to reply to 120 simple questions honestly. By employing CPAS, we can understand our "12 main career personalities", "six core career competencies," as well as our "occupational suitability" and "leadership potential" based on Dr. Ito's comprehensive formulas.

Personality > professional ability

Dr. Ito recognized that "personality is the intrinsic psychology leader in each person. Whether one likes or dislikes the work or whether it is suitable or not is all influenced by this leader. Thus, even with great professional ability, if the personality does not fit, we cannot have many expectations for work outcomes.”
Therefore, so long as we spend 10 minutes on replying to 120 simple questions honestly, we will have the opportunity to explore our hidden intrinsic personality characteristics and potential, "understand who I am" more clearly and discover our "correct ability for the correct position" in order to create a happy life.